Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello faithfull followers.  Just a quick update.  We had no internet or phone while we were back in the mountains at Corareachi.  We got back to Cuauhtemoc on friday but the internet wasn't working at Diana's place.  Now we are sitting in the El Paso airport waiting to board a flight to Costa Rica with 8 of our friends from Mexico (and one baby).  When Diana (our first Mexican exchange student) and Ricky got married their gift was a promise of two plane tickets to come back to Canada whenever they wanted.  When Carlos (Diana's brother who also spent time with us) and Arena got married we gave them the same gift.  Since then it has become expensive and difficult for Mexican's to get Visas and travel to Canada.  We had some air miles saved up and decided it was easier and less costly to take them to Costa Rica so here we are!  Once we have more time we will post pictures and stories of our time in Corareachi and Samachici.


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