Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Setting up the assembly line of putting backpacks together.  We put everything into organized piles in the Palma's garage.  Then the kids took a backpack with a child's name and age on it and filled it with things from each pile that was age appropriate.  Some backpacks came to us full, and we just added a name and age of a child to them.  Most people donated bags of items, and we filled the backpacks once we were across the borders.
Putting names and ages on the backpacks. 

Zachary loading up the filled backpacks.

Getting to the very end.  We did 130ish backpacks.  Brian knows the exact number.  Maybe he can post that later.

Zoe loved this job.  She was challenging the rest of us.  She wanted to fill more backpacks than anyone else!  That is our competitive girl:)

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