Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mr. Incredible and Captain Hook

Our princesses and Tinkerbell

Can you tell that princess Maria liked driving a little race car?  She was a crazy little girl!

Timmy is playing Goofy's piano.  He did not want to leave Goofy's house!  He was staying until Goofy got home and he was going to ask him if he could have a sleepover with him:)  I finally convinced him to leave by telling him we should go over to Mickey's house and see if Goofy was over there visiting.  He said no probably he was at Minnie's or Daisy's having some food.  He already has it figured out that men need women if they want to eat:)


Done at Disneyland :(  We had a few sleepers before we left the parks.

Just before leaving Disneyland

Jon with played out Timmy
Jon is finished too!

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