Friday, 10 February 2012

Little update to the border crossing as I didn't understand everything that was being said at the time (as in I understood almost nothing!).    When we crossed the border into Mexico they could have put me in jail for paperwork that was a mistake from 2008 (they didn’t have a record of our van leaving the country so they think I sold it in Mexico which is illegal).  It was 6 ½ hours later but they let us go through to Mexico.  The one person that could give us permission said that it was not humanly possible for us to go through because “the law was the law”.  To make a long story short the approval was given and all the credit was given to God.  The person was crying because she was afraid she may lose her job (one of her coworkers told she would) but my friend from Mexico told her that God would bless her for her help.  As we finished talking we found out she was soon to be married and hadn’t wanted to be married in a church.  Now she is thinking she will and wants to know this God who can open borders!!  To God be the glory!

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  1. Wow this is the cement that glues you together. Wow this is better than Gary Smalley's getting stuck in his garage ! this is a lot of glue ! LOve you all and will continue to pray. Anthony is missing the boys and is a little sad today. We have a new dog, new car, new ginnea pig, and new fish he wants to show the boys! Hurry back before we get domestic animals in the pasture. !!