Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ran into a few troubles.  We got to Yuma wednesday night.  Talked to Dave Bunnin next morning but we got our signals crossed and he was camping 3 hours away from Yuma.  Had a chat and will keep in touch but no visit this trip.  Also had talked to my cousin Frank wednesday night about possibly visisting on Thursday.  So the plan was to leave the hotel on Thursday morning, go to Algodones (about 10 miles away in Mexico) and get new glasses for Kendra and I and then go back and get together with my cousin Frank and his wife Colleen.  That plan didn't work so well.  Jon started the truck up and backed the trailer into a stall and unhooked it.  He then parked the truck while we (by we I mean the girls) finished getting ready to go.  He went to start the truck again and it would turn over but wouldn't start.  Tracked it down to the fuel pump.  I was going to get it replaced in Mexico (where it would have cost way less) because it was getting noisy which is a sign it is getting near  the end.  Called AAA for a tow and called cousin Frank for a recomendation of a garage.  Well before I know it Frank and Colleen have come to the motel, follow me over to the garage and get the repairs underway, go back and pick up our 4 older boys and then we go back to their place and they take the boys and give me the keys to their SUV!!  Kendra and I and the 3 youngest went to Algodonas and had our eyes checked and picked out our glasses.  We ended up a bit too late for them to be made today so we have to pick them up tomorrow.  We went back to Frank and Colleens and took pizzas and supper with them.  They let us keep their vehicle to get back to the motel.  Now go to friday morning.  Go over to Frank and Colleen's in time to give them back their vehicle before Colleen's hair appointment and it ends up that they had borrowed a neighbors car and they took the 3 youngsters for the day and I kept their SUV and Kendra and I and the 4 older boys went back to Algodones and got our glasses. Mine were $130 for progressives and Kendra got a regular pair, a pair of prescription sunglasses and new lenses in her old frames (all lens' polycarbonate, UV protected and scratch resistant) for $210.  The whole town is Doctors, dentists, optomotrists and pharmacies and there is 1000's of Americans that cross every day for the better prices.  We got back to Yuma jsut after the truck was finished and got the trailer hooked up and went back over to Frank and Colleen's.  I think they really did have fun looking after our kids and our kids for sure had a lot of fun!!  If you guys are reading this thanks again for taking care of us!!!

Now an explanation of the 2 pictures.  Zachary had taken some luggage out to the trailer, unlocked it and set  the keys on the shelf inside and finshed off what he was doing by locking the keys inside the trailer.  This is what we ended up doing.  We popped out two of the clearance lights (one to let sunshine in), used the girls hair elastics to attach a fork (with bent tines to make a hook) to the end of the broom handle and put that through the hole for the clearance light and hooked the keys and pulled them out!

We won't soon forget Yuma!!  Just got into El Paso this afternoon and will cross into Mexico tomorrow!

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