Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We were on our way to Corareachi and were just north of San Juanito (it will be on a map if you are curious).  We were coming from the north going downhill and a big tow truck was coming from the south around a curve.  As you can see by the GPS there were a lot of curves and all up or down!  When we were on the way home and got up to 50 miles per hour one time it honestly felt like 80!
Anyways around the curve comes a big tow truck towing a big truck and we see it down over the edge and then it starts to go over and then a big cloud of dirt and dust and ashphalt and cement guard posts and well I think the guy won't want to pay his towing bill!  I can to a scheeching halt waking up all but Zachary who was awake and rushed to seee if anyone was hurt.  All was OK and we moved enough debris to get by and carried on our way.  Quite thankful we weren't about 3 seconds further down the road as we had a mountain on one side and a pretty steep rocky drop on the other!

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