Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Changed our plans already:)  Decided to stay in Thermopolis for a couple of nights, before going to Casper.  Brian is checking out a possible liner pull job close by.  The kids and I will go to the hot springs tomorrow while he checks out the job:)
The kids are already getting tired of the long ride.  We had to make Josh get out for a run, and fed Timmy oysters for discipline.  The oysters were a discipline for everyone though.  The older kids had their heads hanging out the windows for fresh air and they made sure everyone got along after that so that another can didn't get opened, to stink them all out again:) Josh was telling us we were horrible parents and should get in trouble for child abuse! Hahaha!  Anyone else use oysters for discipline?  Works great!

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  1. to stop Liam from screaming i am putting soap on his lip, he doesnt like it too much and im not liking his screaming. Josh love oysters then Mom will give you candy instead :)