Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Today was a long, adventurous, educational journey!  We started out going to do a Grand Canyon sky walk.  After a long, twisty, dusty drive we came to the sky walk.  Found out it would be about $800 for us to do the sky walk.  Drove away from there and went to Hoover Dam.  Very pretty drive and interesting!  Because of the cost for 9 of us, once again, we just did our own tour and decided to do the rest of our research on our own. 
I think all the twisty roads caught up with Timmy :(  He threw up a few times during the rest of our days journey.  After the first couple of times, none of his siblings wanted to sit anywhere near him.  We have a lot of laundry to do now! 
We finally arrived in Anaheim about 10:30 tonight.  Decided that tomorrow we are going to have a slow and reorganizing day.  Hopefully Timmy will feel better then too!

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