Saturday, 21 January 2012

This is my stove for the trip:(  It took an hour and a half to cook macaroni!  And our living space in the shop is cold and very dirty!  These are things that are hard for me!  I like a clean, warm, organized space!  When we are camping outside my expectations are somehow different, but it is strange to be camping inside and have outside conditions!  The kids all had full tummys, they are having fun, and they all had a warm place to sleep.  I guess I am the only wimpey impey:)  I have nothing to complain about!  It is not quite a cave! We get to eat out for lunch today.  Brian is taking his staff here out for lunch, and we get to tag along:)  We are going to a delicious Mexican restaurant:)

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  1. I dont like camping for this fact too, Bill and the kids think its great but it is work, you look great too!