Thursday, 26 January 2012

The first picture is of our very carsick Timmy.  He made a lot of laundry throwing up a few times, on himself, his siblings, and anything else around him.  Thankfully he seems a bit better now.  We tried to have a slow day today so he could recover.  There is a couple more traveling pictures. 
Josh and Matthias spent the morning finding us a beautiful, sweet traveling pet.  We really miss our Wilson, Daniel and many cats!  The new little lizard had beautiful blue, grey and yellow markings!
Once we got settled into our hotel at disney we spent the afternoon swimming:)  It must be a slow time for them.  We almost had the pool and hot tub to our self.  We shared it with a Jewish family.  It was great meeting them and talking with them!
A couple of cute blondy Maria stories:
-"Mom, can I have some of your water cause one of my brothers probably played a mean trick on me and filled my water bottle with swimming pool water!" says Maria.  I guess she doesn't like the city water either!  We are so blessed with great water at home!  We miss our water already.
-"Look Zoe!  I have a cold heater by my bed!"  I guess she hasn't experienced air conditioning indoors, in Canada.

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