Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Raising kids is like flying a kite with no wind

Remember trying to fly a kite on a day with no wind?  Good exersize for sure.  Raising kids has some similarities.  Here Kendra and I are running down the road "of life" pulling our cute little devices behind us at the end of a string.  They bump along behind us showing no indication of flying.  Eventually we get it off the ground and flying but then there is danger all around - power lines, trees and it is a scary moment.  Than with just a bit more height they catch a gust of wind and they are on the way.  We are feeding out string as fast as we can and then we run out of string.  Do we try to hang on or is it time to let go?  We have trained our kids to fly and we want them to soar to greatness but we don't want to let go!  I say I will be able to but I don't know for sure.  Kendra is definately going to have a hard time letting go.  Sometimes she talks like she just wants to" hang the kites" from the ceiling in the house where they are safe.  We will have no choice but to let them go and enjoy the times they return to tell us of their adventures in life and to recount the adventures we had as a family.

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