Monday, 23 January 2012

A few pictures from the Focus on the Family welcome center.  We took a tour of the administration building and then spent a few hours in the welcome center.  It was completely donated by one family and I would guess is a 4 million dollar building!  It had rooms and tunnels and interactive displays involving Adventure's in Odessey, last Chance Detectives, Narnia etc.  We ate a pizza at "Whit's End".  They were going to give us some CD's and we explained that we only had a casette player in the truck at the moment and about 10 minutes later this little old lady finds us and GIVES a bag with about 30 Adventure in Odessey tapes!!  We listened to them for our 6 hours travelling we did after we left there.  It was very inspiring to see the source of all the materials and radio programs that have certainly been listened to and read in our family over many years.  The buildings and grounds are well kept and the folks working there were all very kind and treated us very well!  We are now in Albuquerque.

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