Monday, 30 January 2012

Lego Land - California
A couple of amazing creations made out of lego!!!!

 Brian and Timmy having lots of fun, racing down some slides
 Timmy did not like this "baby ride" !!!  Can you tell? :)
 Brian's turn to try and fit down a little slide:)
Having fun squirting mommy, standing on the side, taking pictures
Timmy, cousin Haven, and Zoe on the log ride

Maria and Auntie Jackie on the log ride
A Volvo made entirely out of lego!  Pretty impressive!

The cutest baby dinosaur ever!!!!!

Zac and Maria getting a little wet:)

Timmy and a bionicle

Our family getting our picture done with our wonderful orange shirts that my Aunty Brenda gave us for Christmas!  We got tons of comments on how cool our shirts are!  Brian here now with a comment - I am very, very proud that all of my children are proud to wear their t-shirts.  There are so many children, especially teenagers, who are "embarrassed" to be associated with the rest of their family but we are a family!

Here we are in front of Legoland showing the backs of our shirts:) They say 1 of 9, 2 of 9, 3 of 9, etc....

It was a fun day at legoland on the 27th!  The best part was getting to meet up with Auntie Jackie and Haven and Bronson.  Great rides, great weather, great exploring, ....  Wonderful and educational day!  So sad to say bye to family at the end of the day though!  Hope to see them again some year soon!!!!

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  1. i love the numbers on the shirts now that was great, how are mama's feet after all the walking in flip flops ? What are you planning to do for mama's birthday on friday? Happy Day to you Kendra if I miss you then, we are doing sad drive-bys:( Hope Timmy's stomach is doing better