Sunday, 11 March 2012

Brian with our Carlos' baby - Xiemena

Our Diana's baby - Isabella


Carlos is coloring with all the little ones.  He is so good with little ones!

Maria pushing around Isabella

Isabella and Me - going to miss these babies soooo much!!!!

Xiemena being pushed by Maria

Xiemena, Carlos and Isabella - on the "moto"

Jenny playing with Timmy, Zoe and Maria

This is Zac and I with Cristi's dad.  He fixed all of our teeth for free for us!

Our Cristi, her parents, Zoe, Maria and me

Our girls totally adore Cristi and they miss her sooooo much!!!!

Zoe is feeding Isabella

Maria enjoying another burrito in her new Jasmine outfit.

Maria and I playing with Isabella in her playhouse

Zoe on a bunjee jumper

Three of our beautiful hosts!!!  We love them heaps!  Mr. and Mrs. Palma and their daughter Baby.

Baby, Mrs. Palma, Gerardo, Zachary, Brian, Mr. Palma, Matthias, and Jon

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