Saturday, 10 March 2012

Smokin' Joe's and Oklahoma

Made it to Smokin' Joe's Ribhouse and RV Park Saturday night at 7:00.  Progress is slowed a little as "are we there yet", "i"m hungry", and "I have to go to the bathroom" are the top three sentences.  You really pay attention to the last one when your 3 year old is saying it and he has the "wild poops"!  It rained all day long and rained hard on the way here.  We had supper and I talked to Joe (on the phone as he wasn't at the restaurant).  He remembered us from 2 1/2 years ago (our kids and his grandkids got along quite well) and ended up offering us a cabin to stay in.  When the restaurant closed one of the girls brought over a bunch of ribs that had gotten cooked but not sold and gave them to us!!!   As we were setting up house we realized that all our sleeping bags had gotten soaked as the trailer must have "sucked in" water at the back end.  We had to go to the laundrymay and dry them out.  We also had to set up our 2 little electric heaters as it is only about 6 above.  Two nights ago in Texas it was down to -3 overnight!  With the lack of heat, cold, wet and tired Kendra just wanted to be home and in her own house.  Everyone pitched in and we soon had everything the way we needed and settled in for the night.  Well sort of settled in.  The picture below is Jon and Zac beating on each other for fun instead of sleeping.  Zoe and Maria are in the "lazy girl" chairs!!  Then I pass Zoe a glass of water and as I passed it over Zac's head one drop fell from the glass and landed right in his ear!  I think it is time to go to bed as we all thought it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing.  I think we all feel real comfortable here because we had such a good time when I worked down here.  There is a very strong Christian community and we feel safe and again feel very welcomed!!

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