Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Three missionaries.  The leader, the teacher, and a leader in training.  These ladies work so hard!!!  They really need a man to work with them though.  There are some boys that are very naughty, and do not respect their authority!  It is such proof that boys(and girls too) need a man to give them guidance and leadership!

Some of the kids still checking out their backpacks the next day, before school. 

A couple of the little ones that are not in school yet.  They carried their backpacks around all day long.

The house that the missionaries live in.  They shared a room and let us stay in the other bedroom and in the living room.  A little squishy, but warm and cozy.

The little cabin that we stayed in in Samachici.  Another little cozy place.

Remedios and Silvia.  Remedios is a missionary from Oaxaca.  She has worked for years in the two orphanages.  They are in the process of building a third orphanage.  Then she will work in all three orphanages, in three different villages.  Silvia is training to be a missionary and is planning to go to India once her training is completed.

A family picture with Silvia before we left.

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