Thursday, 22 March 2012

We crossed the border late this morning and are back in Canada!  Timmy saw the big Canadian flag and said excitedly "I see red leaves and there is snow - does that mean we are back in Canada!?!?"  The border crossing went quite well except for Joshua's BB pistol that he bought just 3 hours earlier in Great Falls.  He has wanted one for a long time but always wanted to get ones that used CO2 cartridges and I told him no as I knew the cost of the cartridges gets to be a bit much.  He found a spring powered one and when I gave him permission to get it he almost peed himself he was so excited.  He wasn't so excited 3 hours later when the border patrol officer confiscated it after we declared it.  He felt really bad and he took the time to explain to Josh that because it looked like it could be a real pistol that it was prohibited because if it got mistaken for a real pistol Josh could get shot by a policeman or a bad guy who would think it is real.  He was a very nice man and just doing his job.  So good to be back on home ground!!

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