Sunday, 11 March 2012

When we arrived there was this line of families waiting for bags of food, from a government assistance agency.  They left walking up the mountain carrying very heavy bags.

The first project.  Fixing their basketball net.  Josh, Matthias and Brian had quite a gathering of kids watching in amazement.

The big kids were all in school when we arrived.  So, we entertained the little ones with balloon animals and hats.  It wasn't long and the kids were all escaping school and coming for a balloon.  They just kept coming!  I didn't realize they were skipping out of school.  We were just so busy keeping up that we didn't think about them possibly getting in trouble for skipping out.  Finally a leader came and chased them off to school again.  I felt bad!  Didn't think the little ones could get a message to older ones in class that quick, and that that many could sneak away.

The older ones waiting in line.  Jon, Zac, Josh, and Matthias all had to start helping me.

The dormitories.  Most of the beds have mattresses this time.  Still a few that don't.  The girls dorm had more mattresses than the boys.I guess a bare plywood bed is still better than a hard, cold, rocky cave.
This building is the kitchen and dining room on the top level, and a classroom, washroom, and storage room on the bottom.

I am holding one of the kitchen ladies baby.  She was teething and crying a lot.  I gave her some homeopathic medicines and within 5 minutes she stopped crying her fever was gone and she was a much happier baby.  Probably didn't help her much that she was tied on to her mom and working right beside the stove.  She seemed like such a small, young little baby.  Her mom said she was a year old.  She was very sweet!  I really wanted to give her a bath and some clean clothes.  I kept wondering what these children would think of a nice warm bathtub full of water, and even bubbles.  I am so thankful for the tubs we have at home!  They are such a wonderful blessing.  These trips ALWAYS make me thankful for all the things that we seem to think are necessary!!!!  I will be so glad to be home to my laundry room, my well supplied kitchen, my bathtub, our heated house, good roads, our church, english speaking friends, our easy to shop in stores, internet, etc.....

Doing crafts with the kids before their chapel time.

A group of boys and Zoe doing crafts.

Tarahumara princess.

The girls with the crowns they made.  I had the exact amount needed for all the girls to make one!  Made me think of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes:)

Another sweet, smiley Tarahumara princess!  The girls were pretty excited about this craft!
The boys with their foam bookmark crafts.

 This is where Zac slept.  He really likes having his space.  Even if it is right by the stove and under a desk:)
The bedroom that Brian and I, and Zoe, Maria, and Timmy shared.  We had a small space to walk between sleeping bags and to put our luggage.

The living room in our cabin where Josh and Matthias slept.  Jon slept partly in the kitchen and partly in the living room.  We really filled all the floor space at bedtime, once everyone was in a horizontal position:)

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