Friday, 9 March 2012

Hello Everyone.  We crossed over into the US last night so we have good communications again so the blogs will start agin.  This one will be out of order but I want to write about the border while it is fresh and also about some other things in Mexico that I ddidn't want to write while we were there.

We got to the border about 6:30.  As we drove up we were looking for the place to cancel our "permission" given for us to take the vehicle and trailer into Mexico.  Cancelling it proves the vehicle left Mexico and wasn't sold in Mexico.  We were in one of the lanes and asked a border emplyee which place it was.  He pointe to one just across from us and behind a bit and said we had to turn around and come back.  We went just a 100 feet more and had to go through a toll ($41 pesos) and parked just after we got through the toll.  Wnet back to the building with our paperwork and waited in line for 15 minutes.  Once we got up the lady did a bit of work and then needed to come look at the truck and trailer.  When she saw it was 200 feet away she told us we had to come park it beside the building and would except nothing else.  Went back to the truck and turned it around and then had to try to explain why we were turning around.  Took another 15 minutes for them to open the gate to let us back in.  Parked just beside where they asked me to because I would have had to double park behind 5 or 6 angle parked vehicles in the other spot.  Did n't want me there so I had to move beside all the other angle parked vehicle.  The lady came out to our truck then and took pictures of the serial number of the truck and the info on the door post and then she got in the truck to remove the permission sticker.  Another lady that works there comes up and asks me (in spanish ) to move the truck forward.  I try to explain that they told me to park there.  She was getting upset and then realized her coworker was sitting in the drivers seat of the truck.  After she got out I did pull it up enough for the other lady to get out.  The "permission" wsa now cancelled and all was well for that part.  Then we went into to the imigration building because we were suppossed to give back a paper they gave us to keep in our passport when we entered to prove that we had left as well.   The guy looked at them and said he needed the reciept to prove that we had paid.  I couldn't find the reciept and told him how could we even get them without paying when we entered.  He said he needed the reciept or else we could go to a Mexican bank and pay $294 pesos per person and come back with a receipt.  We told him again that we paid at the other border when we recieved the paperwork and he just said he needed to see the reciept.  We went back to the truck and I backed out of the tight spot they had me park in and drove back to the toll booth, where we had to pay the toll again even though they knew we had just turned around, and drove out of Mexico.  We went about a kilometer to the US customs and spoke English!!  We were selected for a secondary search (probably because of the trailer) so they had me lift the hood, open the trailer and then we all left the truck and went into an office to wait while they did the search.  It didn't take to long and everyone was very courteous just as we have always found with the US border and customs protection agency.  I know this isn't a fair comparrison but it was so unfair the way the Jews and other groups were treated by Nazi Germany and they were powerless in many ways to stop it.  We were at the mercy of the Mexican authorities and were powerless to change it.  Of course some of it just lack of being able to communicate and lack of familiarity with their procedures.  We had some incidents in Costa Rica as well, which will come in a later blog, involving corruption in the police force.  We seem to complain about our government and our country at times but the level of corruption is not near what it is in many other countries.  Corruption seems to be the natural human condition, eh!  I think I have read that somewhere!  I decided not to post some of the other stuff I know about what is going on as I do not want it in the public domain so it can be linked to me and my family.  All someone has to do is flag me in a computer and it is there for in the future.

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