Sunday, 11 March 2012

We are now in Davis, Oklahoma.  It is so nice and relaxing to be in a safer place!  But we are already really missing our friends in Mexico!!!!!  We enjoyed our time with them and the missions we did!  It was an amazing time!  I am thankful that we had no bad experiences there with all the dangers going on in Mexico right now.  So thankful for God's protection over our family!  Thank you so much to all our praying family and friends!  Your prayers were very much appreciated!
We crossed the border on the 8th of March.  It was again not a very pleasant time at the Mexican side of the border.  Once we got to the US side, I almost cried!  It was so nice to have an official that was kind, and trustworthy!  And, that could speak english! 
On the 9th we were able to visit the Abbott family in San Antonio, Texas.  Pastor Tony had married Brian and I and dedicated our first few boys.  He was our pastor for 10 or 11 years, 12 or so years ago.
Now we are in Oklahoma, where Brian did a big pipeline job 2 and a half years ago.  Our family camped out here with him while he did the job.  We met some great people here.  So, we are here to visit the people, the church, and the guys Brian worked with.  We were able to attend a great southern baptist church this morning(in English!).  A couple of years ago they even offered Brian a job as a children's pastor in their church.  It is an awesome little church!  If we didn't have family at home and a business, I would love to move here and be a part of this community and church!  It is super friendly and beautiful here!  We are heading back to the church tonight for an evening service and for Zoe and Matthias to go to the pre-youth group.
Once we leave here (probably Tuesday) we are headed to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit Pastor Dan, and Kerri and their family.  We are extremely excited to see them again.  They pastored our church after the Abbotts and they were also at our church for over 10 years.  We have missed them and their friendship and leadership!  We are looking forward to hearing Pastor Dan preach next Sunday.
While we were in Mexico we attended a spanish church.  One sunday we were really wanting to go to a service where we could really understand everything and participate in the worship.  We drove to the menonite community to find an english and christian church.  We drove around until we found one that didn't look Catholic and the people going in looked english.  We walked in just a few minutes after the service had started so we tried sitting down with out getting too much attention.  It is hard to sneak in when you are a family of 9.  We very quickly realized the service wasn't english, or spanish, but German!  It was even worse!  It was christian, so we understood a little about the order and what was happening, but understood less of the preaching and singing than if we went to a spanish church.  I think we understood only about 3 words the whole service!  Thankfully it was also an unfriendly church and not one person greeted or talked to us.  So, nobody knew that we sat through a whole service that we didn't understand.  We sat through it all because we didn't think a family of nine could just get back up and walk back out unnoticed:)
Time to go back to church! :)  Now that we are back to the land of internet, we will try and blog all of our memories all at once:)  We will blog more later.

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