Sunday, 11 March 2012

 Smokin Joe's Rib Ranch and RV Park
The cabin/house we stayed in. 

We went to Midway Hilltop Babtist church this morning and this evening.  I think there are a lot of very sincere Christians in this town and in this church.  Joe Wells is one of them.  We are little more than strangers to him and the first time we met we were strangers for sure.  He remembered us and he is letting us stay in the cabin and twice now has brought food over from the restaurant.  They cook what they believe they will need for the day and if there are leftovers he doesn't believe in warming it back up (he treats his customers well!).  He brought over 3 full racks of ribs, about 10lbs of BBQ'd brisket, a 5lb Pecan cobbler and a 5lb Peach cobbler!  His generosity is evident and you can see that his family is close.  He has a personality akin to Mr. Palma (diana's dad) whom I saw give help to many poor and handicapped people in his town of Cuahatemoc.  When I went downtown with him we were always stopping to say hi to someone.  I can only hope to be inspired by them and also teach my children to be so.

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