Saturday, 10 March 2012

Meet the Abbott's!

Some of you will know this family and some of you may not.  It is Tony, Linette, Jenna-Lee and Lucas Abbott.  Tony was the pastor of FCC from about 1990 nto 2001.  2 1/2 years ago they purchased a printing business in San Antonio, Texas where we met up with them.  Missing from the picture is 21 year old Taylor who is playing hockey in Quebec for a team just one leauge below paid proffesional. If you email Tony he can give you a website with all of the teams stats and you can even watch their playoffs.  The team is now in the semifinals and have won the first game of 7!  Tony is doing well although he feels it isn't his highest calling.  He is still ministering to his staff, doing free and cut rate printing for churches and is renting part of his building very inexpensively and it is being used for a church.  They miss home and feel lonely as they are and will always be "outsiders".  You can email  

Just after we left Tony's shop (after eating pizzas, visiting and watching Taylor play hockey)  we saw this fellow walking across 4 lanes of traffic.  I missed him with the truck but thought I may have hit him with the trailer.  We pulled over as soon as we could and went back.  Tony was behind us and he stopped also and he was sure I didn't hit it and if I would have it would have been running over his tail or back end.  Reguardless of whether it was us or not we soon realized that he had been hit.  We got a box from a convenience store close by (and borrowed a pair of gloves!) and put the Possum in the box.  It was about 11:00 so we were hoping he could hang on until we could get to a vet.  Unfortunately he didn't make it.  I may be a softy but it really made me sad.  I can't even watch "Old Yeller'" or "Where the Red Fern Grows" without crying!  On our way to Oklahoma now!

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