Monday, 19 March 2012

I had a very good time at Aria's!  Before we got there I was so excited and couldn't wait to get there.  At Aria's I got to play Barbies.  I played Pet Shops too.  I played outside and in the park with Matthew and Aria.  I did fall on the bike though and got bad scrapes on my legs and arms.  I went to the circus.  It was so hilarious, but some parts was very bad dressing.  The girls that had bad dressing were very good at there tricks, they just needed to wear more clothes.  Once a boy was on a motorbike on a high wire and a girl was attached underneath doing tricks.  They spinned the motorbike in circles on just a tiny string.  There was a few other things.  I didn't like the chicken dance.  I think the girl was really frightened to dance with the chicken in front of the huge crowd.  It was really cool to see all the flags because there was a Canada flag.  That is our flag!  There was a funny part.  There were men who pretended to be police and a man was in jail.  A toy rat came in and the police were scared.  The criminal saved them from the rat, but he got free.  The police man went in the jail to hide. 
We got to go back to Aria's after the circus.  The day when we had to leave, I really didn't want to!  I cried and cried so much when we had to leave!  It was terrible!   We begged and begged to stay, but my mom just wouldn't let us so we had to leave.  She is mine and Zoe's best friend.  She lives in the United States now and we still live in Canada, so it is so far away from each other.  It took so long waiting to see her again and maybe it will be a long time to see her again. 
Now we are at another hotel.  We went to a few hotels on our big trip.  I like hotels.  The food is really great in the hotels.  Now I want to go back home.  I miss my friends at home.  I want to see Miah and Ava, and lots of friends.  I also want to see my family at home.  I miss my kittens so much!  Especially my big cat Angles.  I hope she is not wild by now. 

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