Thursday, 1 March 2012

These are three of the kids that had letters in their backpacks from specific families.
Some of the girls checking out their backpacks
This is a blind little girl.  She was so sweet!  She managed quite well!  She received this backpack and a letter from the Kostyk family.  They are another homeschool family from Spruce Grove, and Madelyn is a facilitator with the school board we are registered with.

Here are some photos of some of the kids with their backpacks.  They were very happy to receive them.  We had put names of the kids on all of the backpacks.  The leader there chose not to let some of the kids receive their backpacks because of bad behavior.  She said they could earn them by behaving.  She thinks they will try hard now that they know they can earn them, and that the well behaved kids have been rewarded.  I felt bad because some of the kids were upset with us because of that, but also understand that bad behavior has consequences. 
It was a great experience once again to hand out backpacks to these kids!

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