Sunday, 25 March 2012

What an adventure.  Thank you to all who followed us vicariously and who prayed for us!  We arrived home friday night after a final days adventures.  It dropped to -7 on the way home along with some snow!  Because it got so cold I decided to stop an winterize the motorhome (31 feet long, bunk beds, 3 cameras, power awning, Ford V10 chassis if you know anyone who wants to buy it!).  I was about an hour behind Kendra as I had stopped in Red Deer at Costco for groceries.  She stopped at the Word of Faith church about 9:30 so the boys could say hi to some of their friends at youth group.  She pulled in to the parking lot and heard the truck making some pretty loud noises!  She talked to me until her phone died and I asked her to get Cory to see if he could figure it out or else wait for me.  I also called Adelbert (our good friends Adelbert and Tabitha stayed at our place while we were gone and did some renovations for us) and asked if he could check on Kendra on thier way home (they were going to go back to Tabitha's Dad's place so we could have our space to get settled back in).  He let Kendra know I would be there pretty soon.  Just ended up being the front bearing in the water pump and she finished driving home.  Maria was the first one in the house and came back out and told Kendra that our friends did a "big surprise" for us and it was amazing!  Maria thought that we didn't know that Adelbert was going to tile the school room and kitchen and redo the kitchen countertops.  She just thought they did it to give us a nice surprise kind of like the TV show "Trading Spaces".  She was right that it was amazing though - Adelbert is a perfectionist and is also creative and it was nicer than we could have imagined!  Maria also noticed that they even "made breakfast" for us (they had the table set with snacks for when we got home).  Anyways, the day was a fitting finish to our grand adventure.

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