Monday, 19 March 2012

Nebraska - getting to visit Pastor Dan, Kerri, Aria and Matthew

Aria, Zoe, Maria and Matthew made some brownies.

Timmy is playing with Buster.  Poor Buster is probably going to sleep well for a few days!  I think having so much company played him out!

The kids were all hot after playing outside.  They did some running and playing in the sprinkler.  It was almost 30 degrees that day!  They have a beautiful yard with lots of space to run and play!

Timmy is trying to watch the action, but keep out of the sprinkler.  He didn't want to get wet.

Zoe, Matthew, Aria, and Maria playing with the sprinklers

Zoe and Aria playing games and watching movies.

Aria and Zoe making a decorated box for a gift for Aria's Nana and Papa.  They were arriving the day we were leaving.  We waited long enough to say hi to them and have supper with all of them.  None of us really wanted to leave! 

Kerri's parents took a picture of both our families for us.  We had such a great week with them!  It has always been wonderful times with the Olsons!  It was nice to see where they are at, meet some of the people in their new church, and to attend church there on Sunday.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to visit them again!  We love them and miss them greatly!!!  There were lots of tears leaving there!!!  Still some tears happening today!  We love you Pastor Dan, Kerri, Aria, and Matthew!  Thank you so much for letting all uf us stay with you! It was a great time!

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