Monday, 19 March 2012

Filling one of the great pinatas we picked up in Mexico.  We gave it to the guy who gave us a cabin to stay in, and fed us.  He used it for a birthday party for his grandkids.

 Zoe, Maria and Timmy went with Brian to some work meetings.  On the way they rescued these turtles off the road.

They had a lot of fun playing and checking out these turtles!

Brian and all the kids at "Little Niagra" near Sulfer, Oklahoma.  This is a beautiful, quiet little place to play!  It was a nice place to cool off in the heat.  And, the kids had fun playing on the beach with the turtles, and catching colorful little fish.

Zoe playing in the river.

Jon sitting in one of the little waterfalls.  There were quite a few little waterfalls along the river.

Setting the turtles free at the end of the day.  That was probably their most stressful, but loved days ever!

Timmy enjoying his apple beside the river.

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